Air Conditioning

Keep it comfortable inside no matter what the day is likeā€¦At Family, our service professionals use only the most reliable air conditioning, heat pump systems and components. We specialize in residential whole-house central heating and comfort systems. We service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners and heat pumps and proudly partner with Carrier to provide you with the best quality available.The way your air conditioner or heat pump is installed can make all the difference in how it performs. Many times the installation is completed improperly. In fact, in an independent study, 90% of the units tested showed either an energy or comfort problem.These problems can be caused by either over-sizing, incorrect airflow, or incorrect refrigerant charge. Common effects of improper installation are shorter equipment life, much higher operating costs, uneven temperatures, noisier equipment, and poor moisture control.When we work on your cooling system, we use a checklist to make sure nothing is missed and insure that every aspect of your system is setup and operating properly.
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